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News From the Bow, originally designed as a monthly newsletter, was created to share the excitement of boating.  We concentrate on recreational boating in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic US, but have included articles on the best of west coast boating.  Our articles (nearly 200 to date) are designed to please and educate everyone who steps aboard.

Our first web home was, which remains the main portal for this site.  You are invited to check out previous articles by clicking Previous Articles under “Categories” or at  Previous article topics have included:

Cruising Ground Reviews, Navigation (including IPhone navigation), Your Boating Budger, Your Two-Week Medical Emergency Kit, Reviews of Old and New Gear, Choosing the Best Boating Camera, Boat Show Reviews, Seamanship (such as anchor management), Communications at Sea, Coast Guard Boarding Procedures, Editorials, Readers’ Contributions and Monthly Original Nautical Poetry.

We hope you enjoy reading NFTB and welcome your comments, articles and poetry.  Submissions should be sent to the editors at our email address:

Welcome Aboard!

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