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“Better than factory” Tartan 31

June 26, 2016

The fifth in a series of refurbished boats from Warren River Boatworks (WRB) is as much a story of personal commitment to quality as it is about the rebirth of a classis cruiser. Paul Dennis, proprietor of WRB in Warren, Rhode Island, specializes in custom sail and power boat upgrades. In addition to his usual off-season projects, Paul refurbishes vessels that he believes were a) originally well designed and built and b) sustained damage that can be repaired to “better than factory” sale condition. A just completed Tartan 31 is the latest in a line of such projects.


The vessel arrived at WRB last Fall having grounded but not taken on water. Cabinetmakers, electricians, mechanics and fiberglass artisans worked through the winter to deliver a finished product for this season. Why so much effort when a simpler solution would have resulted in a vessel in good condition? Because WRB’s standard of quality must meet Paul Dennis’s personal standard…one that is as close to perfection as possible.

Tartan salon:table photo

The vessel, which currently resides at WRB, “…can be fully equipped to suit a new owner, and will be ready to sail away soon” according to Mr. Dennis. As with all of WRB’s previously refurbished boats, equipment and custom enhancements can be added for a moderate fee at the discretion of a buyer.




News From the Bow is interested in hearing your stories about refurbished sailing vessels. Send your stories our way and we’ll investigate and report back. Further information about WRB, or regarding this particular Tartan31, is available by calling Mr. Dennis at (402) 245-6949.

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  1. Michael Eden permalink
    June 27, 2016 08:33

    Glad to see you are back with this. This sounds interesting.

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