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Introducing NFTB’s New Format

April 1, 2012

Introducing NFTB’s New Format

We are pleased to present NFTB’s new format. As of today we’ll appear more like a blog than a monthly newsletter. Moving to the new format is not an easy choice, and is done despite the fact that we never liked, and still don’t like the sound of the word blog, and endeavored for nearly three years to create a newsletter that felt more like print media to be retrieved from a non-electronic mailbox than from the Internet.

We’ve learned a lot, however, since the beginning, and make the change knowing it will better serve our readers. Among the lessons we take forward are the following:

  • A monthly format limits our ability to quickly respond to current events
  • Most readers prefer to receive email notifications announcing one or two articles
  • There is good reason why the blog format is wildly successful

Look for NFTB to be there for you on topics that are helpful, interesting, current, and add value to your boating experience. We’ll continue to include our signature sections like From the Parts Department, Seamanship, Original Nautical Poetry, etc., and ask readers to keep those cards and letters coming. As with other Internet blogs you can expect us to appear in your email in-box at any time, ready or not.

We hope you like the new format.

Wishing you health, fair winds, and following seas,

Stu and Shana Hochron

Editors, NFTB

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