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Welcome to the January 2012 issue of News From the Bow

January 1, 2012

Welcome to the January 2012 issue of News From the Bow

With 2011 in our wake and the promise of a new year upon us, life’s meaning becomes clearer. If you recently exchanged holiday gifts you’ve probably realized that it truly is better to give than to receive. As for the gifts you did receive, they more than likely didn’t bring you peace, or health, or a more meaningful life. Seasonal food and drink didn’t result in any lasting magic either. Quite the opposite. What remains of the celebrations, the revelry, and last year’s enormous efforts in all directions, is your love of family, and the contributions you made to others. The wise among us realize, sooner better than later, that the pots of gold we chase are often no more than catch basins for tears.

Now, with a new year beginning, we get a fresh palate upon which to paint the story of our lives. Shall we fill 2012 with service to others, with family and close friends, with healthy food and exercise, and with our passions (including boating)? YES! Let’s begin now.

In this issue of NFTB we present:

  • A review of Three Men In a Boat, a book that will help you laugh (an activity proven to increase overall health) and experience anew your passion for boating
  • An article about the most important factor in any successful day on the water…weather (see Don’t Mess With Mother Weather)
  • A note on staying healthy (see Hope On the Horizon for a Safe Raw Bar)
  • A review of newly available toys to make onboard photography more enjoyable and creative (see Review of iPhone/Smart Phone Camera Lenses)
  • A original nautical poem about the water’s draw during winter (see Winter Beckons)
  • A photo essay that highlights nature’s purity (see No Moorings at Cuttyhunk)

We hope you enjoy this issue of NFTB, and invite you to send us your thoughts.

Wishing you fair winds, following seas, and a healthy and happy 2012,

Shana and Stu Hochron, Editors

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