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Review of iPhone/Smartphone Camera Lenses

January 1, 2012

Review of iPhone/Smartphone Camera Lenses

What camera do you generally use to photograph shipmates? For many of us the most

Cabin photo using standard iPhone lens

readily available camera, regardless of location, is an iPhone or other smartphone. Have you wished for a lens that is wide enough to include a cockpit filled of guests, or a party in the cabin below? Until recently the perfect shot required the types of wide-angle or fisheye lenses available only for larger, traditional cameras.  Today you can simply snap additional lenses onto your phone’s camera.

While several manufacturers produce miniature lenses for smartphones, NFTB chose to test a set sold by PhotoJoJo. We ordered three lenses ($50 total) from the on-line retailer, and received them within a week.  The lenses came with lens covers and several tiny magnetic

Cabin photo with wide angle iPhone lens

rings, one side of which sticks with adhesive to the smartphone (or iPad). Below are photos taken from an iPhone without an additional lens, and the same shots using a wide angle and fisheye lens. A test of telephoto attachments is planned for an upcoming issue.

These lenses are quite sturdy and store easily in any pocket. The magnetic rings attach easily to a smartphone or iPad. In addition to generic magnetic adapters, we were sent one attachment ring specially designed to fit an iPhone without covering its flash. Extra iPhone rings are available upon request. The lenses all snap firmly into place and remain remarkably attached until they are intentionally removed.

Cabin photo with iPhone fisheye lens

Smartphone lenses provide onboard images that were, until recently, the purview of only true camera aficionados.  They are easily stored, inexpensive, and work as advertised. The wide angle and fisheye variety are particularly useful in small spaces, and will be appreciated when taking photos aboard boats.

The PhotoJoJo wide angle smartphone camera lens

An added smartphone lens in action

Wide angle (WA), Fisheye (FE) and Telephoto (2X) lenses are easily stored and carried

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