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No Moorings at Cuttyhunk

January 1, 2012

No Moorings at Cuttyhunk

“Wait, what did you say?” queried the voice at the other end of the phone. “Did you say someone is anchored at Cuttyhunk now? It’s winter!” So began my explanation of the photos.

Chris Melo, marine architect, NFTB reader and contributor, and liveaboard boater, sent the accompanying photos during his December 2011 cruise to Cutttyhunk, MA.

On the phone with me was Paul Grecay, Ph.D., professor of marine sciences and NFTB advisor, about to answer my question regarding Chris’ subjects. Pictured in the photos were rather large grey and black marine mammals, obviously enjoying Cuttyhunk Harbor off-season.

“Without looking at the photos I can say with 99% certainty that they are Harbor Seals” Paul declared. As our expert was so certain I’ll leave it to him to correct his conclusion with a post-publication comment, if necessary.

Those strange, tall, looped, steel moorings are nowhere to be found. The harbor has reverted to a pristine condition.

We appreciate the opportunity to visit Cuttyhunk, one of our favorite cruising destinations, as it lies in wait for spring. Thanks Chris.

The entrance to Cuttyhunk Harbor off-season

The guardians of Cuttyhunk Harbor, Winter 2011

A single cruiser at anchor, off-season, in Cuttyhunk, MA

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