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Results of NFTB’s First Readers Survey

December 1, 2011

Results of NFTB’s First Readers Survey

NFTB as viewed on an iPad

We received one hundred ninety four (194) responses to our first ever NFTB Readers Survey, conducted during the month of November 2011. We plan to use the information provided to focus attention on what matters most to our readers. We apologize to those of you who tried to respond, but could not, during the first day the survey was available. We are new to the survey business, and it took a day or two to get things right.

Here are the results:

How Readers Discovered NFTB

62% of our readers discovered NFTB while searching the web for boating-related topics. Many have since become regular subscribers. Twenty 21% came to us from NFTB advertising, 11% from other website links, and the rest (6%) apparently stumbled on NFTB for some “other” reason. However you got here, we’re glad you made it.

Topics Requested for Future Issues

Certain common themes were apparent in the answers to this question. Number one, with 24% asking, were independent reviews of boatyards. It seems many of us are relatively satisfied with our yards, but might be willing to relocate for good reason.  Other top choices were docking techniques (12%), unique US cruising destinations (8%), tests of commonly used products (7%) and monthly highlights of other boating publications. We’ll do our best to oblige, and will also include some of the less commonly requested topics that may be of general interest.

Which NFTB Categories are of Most Interest to Readers?

This question was mostly for fun (we’ve let the winners know who they are). In order of reader preference, the favorite categories we report on are:

  1. Seamanship and Safety
  2. From the Parts Department
  3. Cruising Ports
  4. Light Bulb Moments
  5. Equipment Reviews
  6. Original Nautical Poetry

You may note that “editorials” (the editors’ favorite) isn’t among the top six.  Congratulations to John Conlan for the success of From the Parts Department. We will make every effort to focus future articles where you want them most.

What Types of Boaters are We?

Our readers describe themselves mostly as day boaters (52%). Those identifying themselves as coastal cruisers make up 22% of readers, while 10% of us are self-described “offshore cruisers”. The rest (16%) must love boating so much that they were unable to choose only one category that fit best. We are quite pleased with this distribution of readers, as it suggests NFTB’s appeal to boaters in general.

How Do We Read NFTB?

78% of our readers access NFTB via a MAC computer, iPhone or IPad. The remainder use other types of smartphones and/or PC computers. So far no other form (non-iPad) of tablet is utilized. This information is helpful in planning reviews of Apps and boating-related computer programs. We might add that several readers commented they preferred the iPad’s presentation of NFTB because of its unique layout of photos and copy.


Thank you to everyone who responded to our first reader survey! We appreciate your time and interest. The results demonstrate strong reader interest in NFTB. We take your comments seriously, and will make every effort to adjust our reporting to coincide with your boating interests. As usual, if you have any questions or comments about any aspect of NFTB, please do not hesitate to contact us at our email address:

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