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Welcome to the October 2011 Issue of News From the Bow

October 1, 2011

Photo by Gavin Ashworth, NYC

For boaters on the US east coast, September 2011 will be remembered for Hurricane Irene. She gave us an opportunity to prepare for a major storm, make mistakes, and hopefully learn lessons. As Shana and I prepared this month’s NFTB, a common theme was evident through readers’ emails and contributor’s experiences…the value of being prepared, and of having a plan. We hope the articles (Lessons Learned From Hurricane Irene, and others) in this issue that deal with storm preparedness and planning will help improve your chances of surviving the next storm without damage.

This past month we heard more from readers than ever before, and include several contributions that deal with hurricane experiences. We trust that Adrien Rock’s Heavy Weather Dinghy Rescue During Hurricane Irene, Stephen Lee’s Spared by the Wind’s Direction and Bob and Jane Fulton’s Hamburg Cove during a Hurricane will add value to your own observations regarding the storm. Hopefully we were all able to apply past lessons learned from experience, reading, and from speaking with others, to Irene’s challenges. We hope that the recent storm tested our personal theories of hurricane preparedness, and resulted in a honing of our storm preparedness skills.

 We also include in this issue a discussion of water that derives from other than the sky. We hope you enjoy reading about how two readers tackled the issue of having enough fresh water aboard. Their needs and approaches to adding a water maker were quite different, however both installed watermakers and are quite pleased with their choices.  Any boater who has yearned for a larger fresh water tank, fewer guests, or a long hose, is directed to the article Thinking of Adding a Watermaker? Different Facts, But the Same Conclusion, From a Power Boater and a Sailor.

 Lastly, in our continuing effort to make boating life safer, more pleasurable, and more efficient, we are pleased to include in this issue several “Light Bulb Moments”. We hope they are helpful.

Have a great read! We hope you enjoy this edition of NFTB. Next month we will report from the Newport Boat Show, offer a review of a new book that will make a great holiday gift, and introduce you to a power boater whose efforts to be “green” made an electrifying difference to his cruising lifestyle.

Fair winds and following seas,

Shana and Stu Hochron, Editors

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