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Original Nautical Art-Dark Boat by Vivianna Acuna-Francisco

September 1, 2011

"Dark Boat", Created by Vivianna Acuna-Francisco Editor's Note: Double-Click to Enlarge Image


Dark Boat

By David Mourao Ferreirs


I awoke at the break of day, lying on the sand

shivering with fear that you would find me ugly

but your eyes quickly reassured me

and the sun entered my heart.


I then saw a cross on a rock

and your dark boat danced against the light;

I saw your hand waving me amidst the loosed sails.

The old women on the beach say you won’t return…


They’re crazy! They’re crazy!


I know, my love,

that you didn’t even leave

for every little thing around me

tells me you are always with me.


In the wind that carries sand against the panes,

In the singing of the waves, in the dying fire,

In the warmth of our bed, on the empty benches,

Inside my heart you are always with me.


Editor’s Note: Vivianna Acuna-Francisco’s painting Barco Negro was inspired by David Mourao Ferreirs’s poem of the same name. Vivianna is a visual artist who uses realistic imagery and abstract concepts to produce images that evoke emotion and reflect beauty. In addition to graphic design, Vivianna also paints in oil and enjoys sculpture and drawing. She is known for her 3D edible works of art in the form of artistic cakes.  Vivianna received her Bachelors of Arts in Fine Art from Kean University, and is in the process of obtaining a Masters degree in Fine Arts. Her dream is to teach fine arts at the university level. Vivianna’s current series of paintings is taken from her fascination with Portugal’s history and culture. More about the artist can be found at her website:

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