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Spring’s Arrival-The Circle Remains Unbroken

April 1, 2011

Spring’s Arrival-The Circle Remains Unbroken

As I write this article snow is falling in New Jersey. The canals outside NFTB’s

Early spring outside our window

office windows are in the midst of a snowstorm. The two boats in the photo have wintered in the water, and continue to tolerate this year’s cold, wet and windy weather. All is as we expect for winter, except for the fact that today is the third full day of spring.

Despite winter-like conditions the robins in our local park arrived right on time, trees are budding, and boaters are beginning to feel the urge to “splash”.  We feel the pull of the season…the desire to reaffirm life. Regardless of the weather we know that spring is here.

The accompanying photo, contributed by NFTB reader John Brundage, finds S/V Euphoric at her dock for the first time this year. She was launched just

S/V Euphoric on the first day of spring, 2011

hours before the vernal equinox and, a few hours later, emerged as a proper yacht. The owners of those boats in the background “on the hard” will no doubt rejoice seeing John’s passion for boating expressed in Euphoric’s early arrival.

John is proof that, for boaters, the circle remains unbroken. As spring arrives we relish our first chance to be on the water. As the days shorten we reach for every opportunity to create boating memories. At each season’s end we accept the inevitability of winter, and the circle continues. We on land tip our hats to you John, for launching on the first day of spring. You arrived, like the robins and the tree buds, just in time. We’ll join you shortly.

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