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ABYC, NMEA 2000, EPIRB Seminar Reviews, by Paul Dennis

April 1, 2011

Review of Selected Seminars from

The 24th Annual Maine Boatbuilders Show

By Paul Dennis, Warren River Boatworks, Inc.


Seminars were held during each of the show's four days.

One of the reasons I was excited to finally be able to attend the Maine Boatbuilders Show was the show’s seminar program. Featured topics ranged from history to high tech. I was impressed with several I attended:

Changing Standards in Electrical Systems ABYC and ISO. For those of us in the business it is important to be aware of what the latest American Boat and Yacht Council standards are for the benefit and safety of our customers. Roger Hellyar-Brooke, dean of the systems program at the Landing Boat School gave an excellent overview of the development of new standards and equipment primarily concerning incoming shore power, safe grounding practice and galvanic isolation. He is an excellent speaker. For more on ABYC changes go to

Common Problems Often Found by Marine Surveyors was presented by Mark Corke and Norm LeBlanc, both certified marine surveyors with a wide range of experience. Their slide show was informative, although not especially surprising to those of us working in the industry. However, their presentation and inclusion of personal examples made the seminar very enjoyable. I understand they have recently completed The Definitive Guide to Marine Surveying due out later this year. Check out the following websites for more information: and

NMEA 2000 Networking Structure was the subject of a presentation given by Hugh Lupo of NE Marine Electronics. This standard replaces NMEA 0183 as a means for electronics to interface with each other on board. The PowerPoint presentation was informative and easy to understand. Mr. Lupo was not only well qualified to present the material but was very interesting to listen to. I think I know more about this than my customers now. Check out and

Emergency Locator Beacons: Global Search and Rescue was presented by Denny Emory of Emory/Yachting Services and So what happens when your EPIRB is activated? This presentation went into detail explaining the mechanics of the system, the international agencies involved and how to increase the odds that rescuers will find you. A great presentation. For more info try 351.

Looking forward to next year’s seminars!

Editors Note: Paul Dennis is the owner of Warren River Boatworks, Inc. (“WRB”)  in Warren, Rhode Island. His team specializes in custom cabinetry and interior renovations, fiberglass repair, equipment upgrades, and furling systems. WRB is also a good source of parts for Freedom sailboats. Paul can be reached at or, better yet, give him a call at 401-245-6949.

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